Bar Code Printing

Bar code technology in logistics industries

Bar code technology, an automatic identification technology developed and generated computer application for data collection, in an effective way achieved by automatic scanning of information. There is a wide scope of advantages with barcode.

Business integration process in supply chain management has become very simple and more useful with the use of barcodes. It’s an effective identification tool to track products and also to curtail errors. Different types of supermarkets in the country are into the usage of barcode management and identification system.

Supply chain management has been influenced almost every aspect by barcodes, making it simpler and efficient. For timely and accurate information to operate with better warehouse efficiency and lower inventory on hand employing barcode technology in inventory practices are good.


Bar code Increased read rates: Laser scanners have their limitations as they can capture only single lines at a time, thus limiting the ability to “read” information. The new barcode reads using image technology, similar to the one found in digital cameras and microprocessors, thus even the poorly printed or damaged codes are read. The maintenance of the equipment is also minimal.

Bar code Improved Productivity: Supply chain network such as warehouse, transportation providers, retailers, and others scans barcodes as per the entering and exit of packages from their facilities. There is a sophisticated barcode that can read coded packages and parcels from a moving conveyor belt. Improved productivity, accuracy, and efficiency can be seen in large warehouses and shipping companies depending on the type of scanner used, these improvements’ in inefficiency play a vital role in retaining a customer base.

Bar code Improved real-time visibility: Data on a product is transmitted to a host computer or cloud server by the latest digital barcode scanner. Managers, Sales executives, customers, and employees- the main stakeholders are able to track the products’ movement and can be ready to take any action if required at their end. The multiple benefits of improved visibility and transparency.

Bottlenecks can be identified and resolved by the managers. Reduction in calls from customers as they can track their shipments. Scheduling and tracking of inventory replenishments on the storefront can be done, leading to better sales. Understanding/predicting the root cause of delays in the supply chain can be done by storing images and data for later retrieval and analysis.

Bar code scanners reduced the cost of the new improved and advanced technology; the devices are compact and affordable. Even small organizations can also set up without any investment. Modern barcode scanners are compact, powerful devices, that have sleek designs, good user interface, and in-built flexibility. For the stakeholders to invest in these upgraded machines are always a better proposition.