Carrying & Forwarding / CFA

Singhania Logistics is a leading provider of Carrying and Forwarding services in the nation. We provide our clients a variety of carrying and forwarding solutions. We provide CFA services from start to finish, guaranteeing comprehensive excellence and consistency throughout the logistics process. We uphold high service standards with the aid of our well-trained team and extensive network of warehouses. As C&F Agents, we offer a range of services, including overseeing the receiving of inventories, processing orders and payments, and additional services.

To improve the distribution flow, we work diligently. We are the #1 logistics company in India, with 20+ offices and hundreds of agents around the nation. We have developed a system to control supply chain management to meet the needs of our clients' integrated logistics.

We can take care of your warehousing and transportation requirements, thereby allowing you to focus on your main business. We provide our customers with a variety of solutions in order to ensure supply chain efficiency. We make sure that your business stays competitive no matter what. Singhania Logistics offers full suite of warehousing and logistics services.

  • Support with Customs Formalities

    We are experts at negotiating with carriers, clearing products through customs, and managing every step of the shipping and delivery process.

  • Operational assistance

    As part of our technical support, we provide highly centralized temperature monitoring systems, fire and smoke detection tools, and CCTV security cameras.

  • Strive for the Main Business

    We give businesses the freedom to concentrate on their core competencies while taking care of their shipping and storage needs.

  • Enhanced Services

    We provide a full range of value-added services, including kitting, packaging, labeling, and order processing, among others, as the top clearing and forwarding agents.

Key Services and Offerings

Enlisted Below the Key Services We Offer as Carrying and Forwarding Agents

1) Temperature control warehouse
Our primary focus is to store products in an environment that maintains a consistent temperature in the required range using cooling and heating.

2) Ambient/ Dry warehouse
Our ambient warehouses are designed in a temperature controlled manner for storing your items in a dry environment at room temperature.

3) Manpower
Our 3PL warehouse and distribution workforce has received specialized training in inventory management, safe material handling, and WMS.

4) Inventory management
We are leveraged with skilled workforce which handle your products from managing to processing, handling properly within the time bound manner.

5) Audit
Our supply chain audit offers you quality services at market competitive prices.

6) Temperature control trucks/vans-
We prefer specialty delivery vehicle with 3 separate zones for room temperature, cold, and frozen items.

7) Dry/ normal container trucks/ Van's
We specially prefer dry van which is enclosed to non-temperature-controlled truck trailer used to ship non- perishable dry freight.

8) Reverse Logistics
Our reverse logistics refers to the area of supply chains that deals with items coming back into the system or moving "backward" through the system.

9) Banking
We avail you a range of financing and risk mitigation solutions to optimize your business to next level.

10) Bar code printing
Our logistics system uses, barcodes printing to have the power to speed up tasks such as item sorting, asset tracking, and distribution.

11) Repackaging-
We offer efficient repackaging of bulk into consumer packs. We take care of your items to be packaged in a durable material that looks beautiful and makes customers eager to receive them..

12) Management
Our management services has gained excel across India from properly managing to on time delivering with fulfilling the businesses requirements.

Why Should You Choose Singhania Logistics?

Organized Space

The Warehouse storage spaces provided by Singhania Logistics offer scalability and material safety and vertical stacking for better space utilization.

Manpower Management

Our 3PL warehouse & distribution team is specifically trained for safe material handling, Singhania Logistics, Location mapping & inventory management.

Inventory Management

Our cloud based portal (<a href="" style="color:blue;font-size:13px;">Singhania Logistics</a>) allows the customers to excess various reports on real time basis with a locator for easy pick and move operations.

Order Fulfillment

We Process E-commerce orders as per the timelines of e-commerce platforms pickup TATs. Our system provides the live fulfillment status about each orders.

What Potential Advantages Could There Be To Using Clearing And Forwarding Agents' Services?

C&F Agents are experts at handling all logistics and shipment processes, working with carriers, and getting items authorized via customs. They support manufacturers or merchants in concentrating on their core business. Without having to become involved in the clearance and forwarding process, you can make sure that your business operates smoothly and that your deliveries arrive on time by selecting the correct C&F agent. Without a doubt, Singhania Logistics employs the top carrying and forwarding agents. We can assist clients with nearly everything, including order management, logistics, warehousing, and distribution.

Facilities Covered in our Warehousing Services are

  • Standard and secured warehousing and storage
  • Monitoring inventory, selecting, and packing.
  • The most advanced warehousing website.
  • Customized, chilled systems
  • Purchasing and payment settlement
  • Stackable solutions and enhancements

C&F agents for FMCG goods:

In the fast-paced world of FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), it is crucial to have a reliable and efficient supply chain in place. This is where C&F agents come into play. C&F agents, also known as clearing and forwarding agents, are an integral part of the FMCG industry. In this article, we will discuss the role of C&F agents and how they can help in the smooth transportation of FMCG goods.

What are C&F agents?

C&F agents are third-party logistics providers who specialize in the transportation and distribution of goods. They act as intermediaries between the manufacturer and the retailer, ensuring that the goods are delivered on time and in good condition. C&F agents are responsible for handling all aspects of the supply chain, from warehousing and inventory management to freight forwarding and customs clearance.

Benefits of using C&F agents

  • Efficient transportation

  • One of the main benefits of using C&F agents is their expertise in transportation. They have a thorough understanding of the logistics involved in the transportation of goods and can ensure that the goods are delivered to their destination in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  • Warehousing and inventory management

  • C&F agents also have access to warehouses and storage facilities, which can be used to store FMCG goods. This is especially beneficial for manufacturers who do not have their own storage facilities. C&F agents can also handle inventory management, ensuring that the right amount of goods is always available for distribution.

  • Freight forwarding

  • Freight forwarding is a crucial aspect of the supply chain, and C&F agents are well-equipped to handle it. They have established relationships with shipping companies and can negotiate the best rates for the transportation of goods. They also handle all the necessary paperwork and documentation, making the process smoother and more efficient.

  • Customs clearance

  • Customs clearance is a complex process that involves a lot of paperwork and documentation. C&F agents have a thorough understanding of customs regulations and can ensure that all the necessary documents are in order. This helps in avoiding delays and ensures that the goods reach their destination on time.

How to choose the right C&F agent?

When it comes to choosing a C&F agent for your FMCG goods, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure that the agent has experience in handling FMCG goods. They should also have a good track record of delivering goods on time and in good condition. It is also important to consider their network and reach, as this can impact the efficiency of transportation.

With our cutting-edge warehousing (Singhania Logistics) Website, we can manage your company's warehousing and transportation needs, letting you to concentrate on your core competencies whether you have project cargo or consolidated cargo.

By using our expert services, companies and firms can achieve outstanding achievements. If you need help with warehousing, logistics, or customs clearance, our C&F Agents at Singhania Logistics can help. Years of experience and expertise in the aforementioned fields can be found among our C& F Agents. Our corporate working style is exceptional. We are here to support businesses across a range of industrial industries in reducing costs, adding value, and achieving their crucial corporate objectives more quickly and effectively.

End-to-end fulfillment services in its entirety

Warehousing and distribution

Through, we offer solutions for managing inventories and processing orders.

Delivery And Shipping

All of the top marketplaces and company-owned websites are integrated with Singhania Logistics.

Inventory Management

We provide live tracking and same-day or next-day goods delivery options.

Start Off With Few Initial Steps:-

Get in touch

To learn about the locations and warehouse availability, contact Singhania Logistics.

Cheapest Costs

We provide the most affordable costs for business inventory storage and fulfillment.

Submit Inventory

Firms may begin shipping inventory as soon as the service cost is determined.

Daily Reporting

Our website, which offers instantaneously reporting, is used to input the inventory.

Startup Shipping

You can follow every B2B and B2C order that is sent from the Singhania Logistics website until it is delivered.

Our Carrying & Forwarding / CFA Services

CFA For Cosmetics & Skincare

Singhania Logistics ensure the continued success of the skincare and cosmetics industry, optimized storage and logistics facilities must be in place.

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CFA for Food & Beverages

Singhania Logistics ensures that your food and drinks are supplied and transported in a timely, effective, and secure manner.

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CFA for Telcom & Solor

Singhania Logistics is unquestionably the best choice when it comes to a reliable or technology-based logistics and warehousing firm.

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CFA for Pharma & Healthcare

Singhania Logistics provides end-to-end automated bio pharma logistics solutions to ensure that healthcare and pharmaceutical supplies are delivered efficiently via reliable shipping methods.

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CFA for Retail FMCG & Ecommerce

Singhania Logistics act as a single source FMCG/Pharma CFA (Carrying and forwarding agent) to provide warehouse storage, last mile fulfillment for evolving and frequent orders.

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CFA for Agriculture Products

Singhania Logistics offer a variety of services related to agricultural commodities storage like sample quality, pest control service and collateral management.

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CFA for Electrics & Electronics

Singhania Logistics use future-ready technologies and digital infrastructure to provide on-time deliveries, faster and priority customer support and reduced inventory level.

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CFA for Consumer Goods

Singhania Logistics satisfy the needs of the consumers, and it comprises the last stage in the supply chain when reaches the retailers for direct sale to consumers.

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CFA for Ice Cream

Singhania Logistics offer cold storage, moisture and temperature-controlled storage solutions to maintain the product quality. We ensure efficient logistics operations planning and transparency at every step of the supply chain.

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CFA for Frozen Food

Frozen food requires a continuous temperature exposure of minus 18 and below.

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CFA for Chocolates

To furnish the diverse requirements of our valuable clients, we are engaged in offering Chocolate Transportation Services.

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CFA for Perishable Items

Perishable food supply chains (PFSCs) are characterized with rising food quality and safety concerns, alarming food wastages and losses, and poor economic sustainability.

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CFA for Bakery & Confectionery

Bakery services these days became a popular part of individual’s meal. We carefully handle it with specific temperature control.

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CFA for Flowers

I Singhania Logistics offers a favorable temperature management to keep flowers safe and deliver on time within the safest condition.

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FAQ on the Service.

Whether human error or procedural error is the main cause of differences, it should be kept in mind that there may be other reasons for inconsistencies that are not covered here and may depend on the industry and the method used to store data. A few frequent errors include mixing up goods, losing stock as a result of robbery, improper management of destroyed and returned inventories, and

A third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse is a point in the supply chain that enables customers to use the receiving, storing, and distributing services of the 3PL in order to have the flexibility to expand and contract as their business changes without having to pay the costs involved in having to rent, maintain, and run their own warehouse. The 3PL warehouse frees the client from daily product handling

In order to transfer and manage client items acquired from outside sources, a 3PL offers outsourced logistics services. This might include anything involving the administration of one or more aspects of item storage or transportation, as well as Value Add Services (VAS) and shipping/receiving activities.

We don't confine ourselves to any one particular sector. We are a very adaptable warehouse and willing to provide our services to just about any sector of business.

All of our secure warehouses are outfitted with the finest level of security for your goods, including patrolled yards, cell-connected security systems, and round-the- clock, cutting-edge video monitoring with a 30+ day retention period.

Depending on the product, we can store hazardous goods on a case-by-case basis. In regards to your hazardous items, kindly contact us.

An image of the shipment is taken and given right away to the customer for examination if the shipment is damaged upon delivery and there is a potential claim. The customer then tells the warehouse whether to keep accepting the product or put it in quarantine so that it can be examined further.

We immediately conduct an investigation into the customer's receipts to and from the sku(s) in question. Frequently, this investigation will involve talking with the customer. For the protection of the warehouse and the owner of the products, we have an agreed-upon SLA (Service Level Agreement) in place for all clients. This SLA permits a very tiny deviation disagreement that both parties

In our warehouse management system, all inventory levels are tracked through <a href="https://singhanialogistics,in">Singhania logistics</a>. Our Customers are given a connection to our system so they may track their inventory levels in real-time, round-the-clock, every day of the year.