Retail FMCG & Ecommerce

Retail FMCG & Ecommerce

Singhania LogisticsĀ specialized operational capabilities in digital E-commerce logistics services work in perfect harmony to assist our clients in managing the logistics of their online activities. We make sure that there are no gaps between the orders placed by end customers and their prompt shipping and delivery. Our live monitoring service is available 24*7, and allows customers to keep track of their inventories and make quick decisions.

We offer multimodal transportation services to meet the needs of the retail and e-commerce sectors, such as same-day or express deliveries. We additionally offer a range of FMCG logistics solutions by utilizing our vast network of skilled specialists, decision assistance, and internal technology.


Singhania LogisticsĀ  can assist you in the following ways owing to its years of experience dealing with top automakers and tier-one suppliers from around the world:.

  • Enhance the process of product devlopment for a successful launch.
  • Dynamic supply chain solutions for the automobile industry
  • One of the industries with the fastest worldwide growth
  • Using affordable reverse logistics
  • Set a record for savings
  • Containers and Specialized Fleet
  • Transportation of Raw Materials
  • One of the industries with the fastest worldwide growth
  • Effective logistics can reduce costs.
  • Reducing transit waste is another crucial area of concern

From factory sourcing to production planning and scheduling, cost control analysis to transportation, resource planning, and delivery to the intended destination, etc., we adhere to a comprehensive supply chain design. We serve as a single-source FMCG/Pharma CFA (Carrying and forwarding agency) to provide warehouse storage, last-mile fulfillment for fluctuating and frequent orders, and to enhance the distribution process throughout your business life

We create unique networks that answer your service and cost problems and supply tailored IT solutions to satisfy certain service requirements.

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