Temperature Control Warehouse

Singhania Logistics monitors humidity, temperature, and other environmental conditions using cutting-edge technology. Our climate-controlled storage facilities are the best choice for keeping inventory secure. We make sure your product is constantly kept in top condition and securely stored in our refrigerated warehouses, whether it be food, ingredients, or other perishables. For customers that require their products to be stored at a specified temperature, we also provide blast chilling solutions. You will benefit from less expensive storage and shipment by combining the distribution process with our service package. Being one of the top logistics companies in India, Singhania Logistics offers warehouse services in locations such as Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Patna, Jaipur, and Lucknow. We provide outstanding logistics and distribution services throughout the nation, including in Delhi NCR, Patna, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, and other cities. We are the premier third-party logistics service provider.

Aside from that, we additionally give our clients the most up-to-date innovation and creative arrangements connected with warehouse management.

Our nationwide network of food-grade, climate-controlled warehouses offers a wide variety of cold storage alternatives. You get meticulously monitored storage from Singhania Logistics, which ensures great product quality. Every warehouse includes a backup generator so there is always a power supply to secure your items, and we continually maintain the correct climate.

  • Possibility of Growth

    Singhania Logistics constantly maintains a buffer space in all of its warehouses to accommodate the abrupt expansion of the businesses without any difficulty to move. This is done to cater to diverse business needs.

  • Relationships with Cities

    Each of our warehouses in India is situated adjacent to a city with good transportation options.

  • Any dimension needed; support

    The minimum size of the warehouses offered by Singhania Logistics is 500 square ft, but they can be as big as the client's needs and preferences allow.

  • Specialists using digital tools

    We guarantee businesses a professional service with Singhania Logistics digital revolution and with professionals in all warehouse facilities.

Key Services and Offerings

Enlisted Below the Key Services We Offer as Temperature Control Warehouse

  • Pick- up and delivery services are available 24 x 7.
  • Customized Solutions.
  • Reverse Logistics
  • In- plant operations/ In- store installation
  • Faster Delivery
  • All necessary plans for calculating any losses incurred along the way.
  • Keeping track of the goods being transported to ensure that no cargo is damaged.
  • Modern Options for Storage and Warehousing
  • Track Of inventory
  • Organizing transportation arrangements. Facilities after delivery.

Why Should You Choose Singhania Logistics?

Clean Environment

Vertical stacking for greater space efficiency, scalability, and material safety are all features of the warehouse storage facilities offered by Singhania Logistics.

Workforce Control

Our 3PL warehouse and distribution workforce has received specialized training in inventory management, safe material handling, and Singhania Logistics.

Stock Management

Customers can access a variety of information in real time with our website , which also includes a locator for quick pick and move operations.


We process online orders in accordance with the platforms' pickup TATs. Our technology delivers real-time order fulfillment status information.

How Can We Make Sure That Our Warehouse Is Material Safe?

The security procedures used by Singhania Logistics are regularly evaluated and improved. We use Pallets, HDR (Heavy Duty Racks), MHEs (Material Handling Equipment), Fumigation, proper cleaning of bags and boxes, Stackers, stairs, fire extinguishers, and hydrants to protect the material from any potential fire threats, and CCTVs and security guards are always on duty to secure the stocks kept in the warehouse. All of our facilities are close to roads with good connectivity. In the event that a client decides to submit an insurance claim, the team also provides the photos, incident description, and supporting documentation.

Specialized Warehouse Area

Storage options are provided by Singhania Logistics and are customized to meet the needs of each client. For clients that want to outsource their specific warehouse tasks, our team of experts has developed numerous digital, creative, doable, and manageable solutions. Our main priorities are the ongoing expansion and improvement of our accessible digital and technological reach to the key companies

Common Warehouse Area

Given that customers only pay us for the space they use and the services they consume, Singhania Logistics provides shared warehouse space, also known as multi-user warehouse facilities, in India. For customers wishing to distribute goods from multiple locations in accordance with shifting market demands, we also provide a wide range of sophisticated value-added, live inventory visibility & reporting services.

Start Off With Few Initial Steps:-

Get in touch

To learn about the locations and warehouse availability, contact Singhania Logistics.

Cheapest Costs

We provide the most affordable costs for business inventory storage and fulfillment.

Submit Inventory

Firms may begin shipping inventory as soon as the service cost is determined.

Daily Reporting

Our website, which offers instantaneously reporting, is used to input the inventory.

Startup Shipping

You can follow every B2B and B2C order that is sent from the Singhania Logistics website until it is delivered.

Warehouse with Controlled Temperature

For freight that needs to be stored at a specific temperature, Singhania Logistics has solutions. For these kinds of unique needs, we co-invest in developing the infrastructure in accordance with client business needs and assist them in meeting all relevant deadlines and legal requirements for receipts, storage, order processing, inventory management, pick up, packaging, and dispatches in accordance with the "temperature specifications".

Background Warehouse

Depending on the needs of the cargo, Singhania Logistics offers warehousing solutions. We offer management and operation of distribution centers along with warehouse design, building, and fit-out. Our technological solutions are made to ensure flawless order processing, pick-up, packaging, and dispatching for ambient freight, as well as error-free receipts, storage, and order processing.

Personalized Storage In Warehouses

For your delicate items, our temperature-controlled warehouses offer a number of benefits. We can keep a variety of foods, ingredients, and other items because each facility is unique and has several degrees of temperature control. In addition to maintaining the ideal temperature for your special products, we also keep warehouse stock separated into different product categories. The range of our temperature settings is -20 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Grow Your Business Now With The Exceptional Facilities And Services Of Singhania Logistics.

End-to-end fulfillment services in its entirety

Warehousing and distribution

Through, we offer solutions for managing inventories and processing orders.


Delivery And Shipping

All of the top marketplaces and company-owned websites are integrated with Singhania Logistics.

Inventory Management

We provide live tracking and same-day or next-day goods delivery options.

Our Warehousing Services

Cold Storage for Chocolate

We are providing cold storage to companies that manufacture chocolates all over India.

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Cold Storage for Frozen Food

We make transporting perishable products accessible to remote areas. We provide the best-refrigerated trucking solutions.

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Cold Storage for Pharma

It requires constant refrigeration of the product from the instance of its transportation, handling, and storage, and right up to delivery.

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Cold Storage for Flowers Items

Among various dynamics to consider when storing cut flowers, temperature regulation is a particularly critical factor.

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Cold Storage for Perishable Items

It requires constant refrigeration of the product from the instance of its transportation, handling, and storage, and right up to delivery.

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Cold Storage for Confectionery

Singhania warehouses are tasked with preserving a product for an extended period of time without any risk of alteration or damage.

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Facilities Covered in our Warehousing Services are:

  • Standard and secured warehousing and storage
  • Monitoring inventory, selecting, and packing.
  • The most advanced warehousing website.
  • Customized, chilled systems
  • Purchasing and payment settlement
  • Stackable solutions and enhancements

With our cutting-edge warehousing (Singhania Logistics) Website, we can manage your company's warehousing and transportation needs, letting you to concentrate on your core competencies whether you have project cargo or consolidated cargo.

By using our expert services, companies and firms can achieve outstanding achievements. If you need help with warehousing, logistics, or customs clearance, our C&F Agents at Singhania Logistics can help. Years of experience and expertise in the aforementioned fields can be found among our C& F Agents. Our corporate working style is exceptional. We are here to support businesses across a range of industrial industries in reducing costs, adding value, and achieving their crucial corporate objectives more quickly and effectively.

FAQ on the Service.

We don't confine ourselves to any one particular sector. We are a very adaptable warehouse and willing to provide our services to just about any sector of business.

All of our secure warehouses are outfitted with the finest level of security for your goods, including patrolled yards, cell-connected security systems, and round-the- clock, cutting-edge video monitoring with a 30+ day retention period.

Depending on the product, we can store hazardous goods on a case-by-case basis. In regards to your hazardous items, kindly contact us.

An image of the shipment is taken and given right away to the customer for examination if the shipment is damaged upon delivery and there is a potential claim. The customer then tells the warehouse whether to keep accepting the product or put it in quarantine so that it can be examined further.

We immediately conduct an investigation into the customer's receipts to and from the sku(s) in question. Frequently, this investigation will involve talking with the customer. For the protection of the warehouse and the owner of the products, we have an agreed-upon SLA (Service Level Agreement) in place for all clients. This SLA permits a very tiny deviation disagreement that both parties

In our warehouse management system, all inventory levels are tracked through . Our Customers are given a connection to our system so they may track their inventory levels in real-time, round-the-clock, every day of the year.