CFA For Agriculture Products

CFA For Agriculture Products

Singhania LogisticsĀ specializes in the division of commodities. The commodity division is an area of expertise for Singhania Logistics. To a broad spectrum of investors, corporations, merchants, and other entities, we offer an agricultural commodities value chain. We provide a range of services connected to the storage of agricultural commodities, including sample quality, pest control, and collateral management. Almost all of our warehouses are thoughtfully situated and created to accommodate the requirements of every person. Most likely, we focus on achieving our objective of "providing high-quality services" to each and every one of our clients. We are skilled in the majority of crucial aspects of commodities trade warehousing, money administration, and quality certification.


A Wide-Reaching Network of Warehouse Services

We are well-known around the nation for our top-notch trade finance services, quality assurance and certification, security management system, and warehousing services. Most of the customers who use our warehouse services also use our transportation services.

To offer the greatest storage options, we use cutting-edge technologies. In addition, we have warehouses in over 20+ different cities across India, including Delhi, Patna, Kolkata, etc. All of the goods, including seasonal goods, are kept in storage.

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Agri commodities storage and logistics solutions

With professionally designed storage facilities, Singhania Logistics provides a variety of stakeholders working with both agricultural and non-agricultural commodities. Our management team, which is skilled and informed, oversees our warehouses. They follow rigid procedures. To monitor the kept items for pest infestation and theft, they follow tight procedures and guidelines.

Collateral Control

In an effort to improve the agricultural value chain, Singhania Logistics provides financial support and collateral management for generated stock. To enable credit over their goods for all participants in the agricultural supply chain, we teamed up with a number of major financial institutions.

Key Products

The primary services provided by Singhania Logistics under the category of commodities storage facility are listed below.
  • Pristine, well-maintained warehouses.
  • Warehousing facilities with cold storage.
  • Checks on the products' quality.
  • All of our warehouses are well-protected with CCTVs, fire extinguishers, and staffed security available around-the-clock.
  • Fumigation and regular sanitization.